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About Harbor Light Media

Harbor Light Media specializes in communications strategy, design, and implementation.  We focus on internet and new media, but have extensive experience working with traditional media, press relations, and any number of other situations and scenarios.

For the most part, Harbor Light Media is the sole creation and work product of Brian Barrie, but we have a vast network of specialists that can be brought to bear if more extensive expertise is needed for a particular project.

About Brian Barrie

Brian has many years of experience in communications, publications, and information technology. Brian spent eight years working for the Democratic Leadership of the U.S. Senate in Internet and media relations doing everything from creating web sites to setting up press conferences. Before his stint in D.C. he spent several years working in the world of magazine publishing both in Memphis, TN, and in his native Charleston, SC.

While currently situated in Charleston, SC, Harbor Light Media serves clients from around the country. In the today’s communications environment, geography is increasingly irrelevant.

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Recent HLM Projects

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate

Project:Website design and launch

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: SC Senate Democratic Caucus

Project:Website redesign

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Marlon Kimpson for SC Senate

Project:Website design and launch

The WH Platts Company

Client: The WH Platts Company

Project: Complete top-down redesign of their website