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Setzler & Scott, P.A.: Website

Client: Setzler & Scott, P.A.

Project: Website redesign and launch

Description: Setzler & Scott, P.A. is located in the Columbia, SC area, and has been serving the community for nearly 40 years. The firm wanted to update their website, make it more attractive, and increase their SEO and social media presense.

Colleen Condon Law: Website

Client: Colleen Condon Law Firm

Project: Website redesign and launch

Description: The Colleen Condon Law Firm is an established family law practice in Charleston, SC, and was looking to refresh their website, making it more attractive, more user-friendly and integrating it with their social media presence.

McIntosh Consulting: Website/Logo

Client: McIntosh Consulting

Project: Website/logo design and launch.

Description: Harbor Light Media designed a new website and identity package for frequent partner and collaborator McIntosh Consulting. McIntosh needed an updated web presences to highlight their political victories as well as commercial clients.

Dixie Map Company: Logo

Dixie Map CompanyClient: Dixie Map Company, an in-house project of Harbor Light Media

Project: Logo design

Description: In launching our new venture, we wanted to invoke the spirit of cartography along with the South-centric nature of our products, so we incorporated the iconic compass rose as the "x" in dixie and inverted it so that south is at the top instead north.

Colleen Condon Law Firm: Logo

Client: The Colleen Condon Law Firm

Project: New Logo/Branding for the firm

Description: In addition to the website we launched for the firm, we created a new logo to help create a strong branding identity for the firm. The design needed to incorporate both a comfortable, welcoming feel while still maintaining a strong legal attitude.

WH Platts: Website redesign

The WH Platts CompanyClient: The WH Platts Company:  A Design/Build Integrator of professional Audio, Lighting and Video equipment.

Project: Complete top-down redesign of their website

Description: The client had a website that was holding them back and needed something that conveyed the hi-tech professionalism that embodies what they sell and the service they provide. 

C4 Media: Website

Client: C4 Media, a television production and editing firm

Project: Customization of WordPress Template

Description: C4 Media wanted a website to spotlight the amazing work they do in the field of television production and editing, so Harbor Light Media advised them on a template to start with and worked with them to customize it to suit their needs. Platform: WordPress Link:

Peter Kaminski: Website

Client: Peter Kaminski, video editor

Project: Retrofit an existing website template to accommodate a video portfolio

Description: The client was in possession of a website template that was designed to showcase a photography portfolio, so HLM worked with him to convert the template to play video, and make major adjustments to the existing design. HLM did not create the original template.

W.H. Platts: Website Landing Page

Client: The W.H. Platts Company, an audio/vsual design/build integrator 

Project: Website landing page redesign.

Description: W.H. Platts was dissatisfied with the front page of their website. Their old front page followed the WordPress template of the rest of their site and was neither attractive nor informative. HLM worked with Platts to create a new front page that is easy-to-navigate, much more aesthetically pleasing, and still works well with the other pages in the site, which were not changed. Other than removing some bad links, HLM only worked on the front page of this site.

Lowcountry Parent Behind-the-Scenes Video

Client: Lowcountry Parent, a publication of The Post and Courier (Charleston)

Project: Document the behind-the-scenes goings on of a location fashion shoot

Description: Harbor Light Media shot and edited this video documenting Lowcountry Parent's Fall fashion issue photo shoot. The photo shoot was complex and moved to several locations while the photographers wrangled the variety of children in and out of wardrobe, coaxing them to smile and be still for photographs. This was a very low-budget shoot meant for internet distribution.

Recent HLM Projects

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate

Project:Website design and launch

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: SC Senate Democratic Caucus

Project:Website redesign

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Marlon Kimpson for SC Senate

Project:Website design and launch

The WH Platts Company

Client: The WH Platts Company

Project: Complete top-down redesign of their website