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Dixie Map Company: Logo

Dixie Map CompanyClient: Dixie Map Company, an in-house project of Harbor Light Media

Project: Logo design

Description: In launching our new venture, we wanted to invoke the spirit of cartography along with the South-centric nature of our products, so we incorporated the iconic compass rose as the "x" in dixie and inverted it so that south is at the top instead north.

Featured Redesign: theDiscust 2.0

Client: theDiscust is an in-house project.

Project: Celebrate the two-year anniversary of theDiscust with a complete makeover.

Description: theDiscust has been very successful as a design showcase, a creative outlet, and as a satirical blog covering South Carolina politics. Having just turned two-years-old, however, the look was starting to show some wear so it was time for an overhaul. We kept WordPress as the platform, found a new template, and customized it to our needs. The new version has a more attractive interface and new features for users.

The Sanford Chronicles

Client: This was an in-house project for theDiscust

Project: Satirical video targeting Governor Sanford's Argentinian daliance

Description: The Sanford Chronicles is a satirical take on the Mark Sanford affair told through a series of webisodes. It was produced entirely by Harbor Light Media with the generous donations of time and talent by cast and crew. The Sanford Chronicles is a great example of how you can get quality video with a low-end budget. Just imagine what we could do with a middle-of-the-road budget.

Featured Project: theDiscust

Client: theDiscust is an in-house project.

Project: Create and publish a web-based parody site focusing on South Carolina news and politics.

Description: When Harbor Light Media embarked on the road to becoming a full-time operation, the need arose to create a project with which to showcase our talents. A simple portfolio would be boring, so we set out to create a brand new media entity in the world of South Carolina politics, and by all accounts, we've succeeded.

theDiscust: Logo


Client: theDiscust, an in-house publication of HLM

Project: Logo design

Description: Every internet publication needs an eye-catchy logo, and that's what we set out to create when we launched theDiscust. It's easy to read, easy to add on top of photographs when necessary, and has the bold "SC" standing out right in the middle leaving no doubt that we're all about poking fun at our home state of South Carolina.

Harbor Light Media: Logo

Client: Harbor Light Media

Project: Design our own logo 

Description: You've got to brand yourself, right? We wanted an image that conveyed steady certainty and tied in well to our home base in Charleston, South Carolina, so we based our identity and name around the lighthouse.

Recent HLM Projects

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate

Project:Website design and launch

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: SC Senate Democratic Caucus

Project:Website redesign

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Marlon Kimpson for SC Senate

Project:Website design and launch

The WH Platts Company

Client: The WH Platts Company

Project: Complete top-down redesign of their website