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Harbor Light Media 3.0

Harbor Light Media 3.0Welcome to the third incarnation of Harbor Light Media's website.

If you've visited us before, the first thing you'll notice is a completely new and brighter color scheme, designed to be more inviting and easier on the eyes. But beyond the new aesthetics, we've moved the site to a new back-end database system that gives us much more flexibility in design and content.

We've always used our home page as a live testing ground for different technologies, allowing us to work out the bugs before implementing them on customer sites. This site is now running on Drupal, an open-source, secure, database-driven content management system -- this is the same back-end we've used to deploy in most of our most recent high-end websites.

The previous version of the Harbor Light Media website (click here to see it) was a WordPress site. WordPress is a great solution for many customers, and in fact our own satirical blog theDiscust is run on WordPress.

The first Harbor Light Media website (click here to see it) was constructed entirely in Flash. Flash is a fun medium to work in as it gives you almost limitless possibilities for animation and interaction coupled with the rare ability to look virtually identical on every web browser and platform. The down side is that it's more labor-intensive both to create and update. Also, when this site was launched, Flash was installed on about 98% of the web browsers using the internet, but since that time -- thanks to the Flash-unfriendly iPhone family -- it's market penetration has actually dropped.

Recent HLM Projects

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Brad Hutto for U.S. Senate

Project:Website design and launch

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: SC Senate Democratic Caucus

Project:Website redesign

Marlon Kimpson for State Senate

Client: Marlon Kimpson for SC Senate

Project:Website design and launch

The WH Platts Company

Client: The WH Platts Company

Project: Complete top-down redesign of their website