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Featured Project: theDiscust


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Client: theDiscust is an in-house project. 

Project: Create and publish a web-based parody site focusing on South Carolina news and politics. 

Description: When Harbor Light Media embarked on the road to becoming a full-time operation, the need arose to create a project with which to showcase our talents. A simple portfolio would be boring, so we set out to create a brand new media entity in the world of South Carolina politics, and by all accounts, we've succeeded. 


About: theDiscust is irreverent and sometimes silly, but it is also pointed and effective in communicating a point. Humor can be a very effective tool if used carefully, and the site has attracted a loyal following from liberals, conservatives, and even the apathetic masses. 

Since launching in June of 2009, theDiscust has amassed hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and is growing all the time. The site began as a showcase and that's exactly what it has become.

Writing: theDiscust is a multi-author site, though the vast majority of the articles are written by Brian Barrie using the pseudonym William Moultrie (why use an alias?). The style purposely mimics news writing and is frequently confused for the real thing with amusing results. The goal of the articles is to entertain through satire and parody. 

Press coverage of theDiscust:

Disclaimer: TheDiscust is a multi-author project published by Harbor Light Media, but is completely independent of HLM's clients. To the extent that the views expressed in articles represent anyone's beliefs, they represent the views of the authors of the individual articles.


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